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Program and Project Management


Recognizing the need for a disciplined approach to program performance management, T. White Parker leverages a combination of proven techniques, practices and methodologies with practical application to help our clients’ programs achieve top performance. T. White Parker’s program and project management services deliver measurable results based on understood and agreed upon outcomes established prior to engagement kickoff. T. White Parker employs Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Program Management Professionals (PgMP) with a passion for high performance and meeting program and project objectives compliantly, on time, and within budget.

Technical Expertise

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management, a systematic approach for selecting, managing/controlling, and evaluating investments within a portfolio, enables organizations to strategically manage IT initiatives in a resource constrained environment.  Effective portfolio management requires intentional, proactive, structured and continuous analysis, reporting, and decision-making.  The types of analysis and reporting, as well as the cycles within which portfolio management activities occur depend, heavily, on the content of the portfolio (e.g., IT investments vs non-IT investments), the “rules” within which the organizational must operate, and the organization’s culture. T. White Parker helps organizations establish and operate portfolio management discipline and formal programs by: (1) Developing and Maturing Portfolio Governance Structures & Processes (2) Developing and Implementing CPIC Processes & Procedures (for federal IT investments); and (3) Implementing appropriate business measures and indicators (e.g., Performance Management Scorecards and Dashboards).

Program/Project Management Office (PMO)

Organizations recognize PMOs as a way to improve return on investment through standardization, rigor, transparency and visibility. A key to successful PMO implementation and execution involves understanding the organization’s culture, key drivers and structure as well as the required roles and functions of the PMO. With this insight, T. White Parker works with our clients to establish PMO goals and objectives, build a PMO framework and the required policies, processes, procedures, standards and guidelines that will meet the PMO objectives while also serving as a high-value resource to its stakeholders.  Whether establishing or operating a PMO, T. White Parker considers both the business requirements and an organization’s dynamics to increase both technical and stakeholder confidence and success.

Program Planning, Execution & Management

For successful outcomes, programs must align with organizational strategy with not only defined objectives but defined strategy and actions (or projects) to achieve those objectives. Results only occur when disciplined execution drives needed actions to closure. T. White Parker aids organizations in defining program strategy and aligning programs with organizational strategy. In executing and managing programs, our clients benefit from rigorous acquisition management, monitoring, standardization and issue management resulting in a sustained focus on strategy and successful outcomes. Our frameworks include standardized processes, procedures, and tools to ensure the maturity and consistency of project management within a program or an organization.

Information and Records Management

Making information easy to access for those who rely on it is not simple for most organizations. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is an integrated approach that helps an organization manage its information assets, including content, data, records, and knowledge in various formats, from sources, and locations throughout the organization. EIM is really about getting the right information to the right people at the right time in support of your organization’s mission. Making this happen requires great architecture, streamlined business processes, and integrated governance.

At T. White Parker, we view information management as a strategic asset. Our team of experienced Certified Information Professionals (CIPs) helps our clients act on information rather than waste time looking for it. Initially, we gain insights about the organization and examine how it operates. We then apply a rigorous, structured approach, developing solutions that are practical, relevant, and integrated. Not only does this result in information that is easier to find, access, and share, it helps increase efficiencies, maximize usability, and facilitate collaboration throughout the organization, transforming IT into a valuable provider of information services. We have experience leading information management planning and implementation initiatives in both the public and private sectors.

Project Planning, Execution & Management

Even as part of a program, a project needs individual attention to ensure achievable project parameters are established and then executed according to program standards. Without effective project execution, achievement of the overarching program objectives could fall short. T. White Parker devises achievable project plans and schedules noting risks and their consequences and tracking issues. T. White Parker also aids project managers in monitoring their project’s performance and facilitating action plans to address issues before significant impact to the project.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

EVM, a systematic approach to integrating and measuring the cost, schedule, and scope of a project, enables effective management of cost and schedule in a dynamic project environment. EVM enables management to examine the health of an initiative in an objective way. T. White Parker program and project management professionals possess deep expertise in effectively managing and reporting the triple constraint of cost, schedule and scope. We work with our clients to design and deploy effective Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) that comply with ANSI while ensuring operations remain streamlined and practical.

Performance Metrics & Management (PMM)

In project management, performance metrics enable accurate assessment of the health of projects. As organizations plunge into project management and establish methodologies, processes and standards, many fail to define a method to measure performance. T. White Parker works with clients to identify what needs to be measured (processes, projects, etc.), how best to measures it (work outputs) and establishes targets against which results evaluation occurs. We improve our clients’ decision making while adding measureable program/project value. Our teams implement performance management scorecards and dashboards as well as define scorecard workflows, tools and templates for conducting business analytics to consistently monitor and report performance results.

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