Experience the T. White Parker Difference


Hiring Process

The T. White Parker Difference permeates every aspect of our firm including recruiting. We employ a highly-selective recruiting process to find the best seasoned talent; however, we endeavor to make the entire recruiting process from the moment of interest/inquiry to the first day of onboarding as seamless, transparent and personable as possible.

Resume/Cover Letter Submission

In order to be considered for T. White Parker career opportunities, you will be requested to create an account, which will give you preferred access to corporate announcements, news, job opportunities, and employment status notifications throughout the hiring process. An account will also allow you to update your candidate profile, upload an updated resume/cover letter, and view positions you have applied for thus far.

Once you have created an account and determined that you meet the requirements of a position, submit your resume/cover letter for each position you would like to be considered for. Following the submission of your resume/cover letter, an internal review will occur as soon as possible upon receipt to determine your viability for the position(s) to which you have applied. Your resume will remain active in our database for one year. If after one year, you are not selected for a position, you will be requested to submit an updated resume/cover letter for consideration.

Panel Interview

If you are considered a viable candidate for a position and there is an immediate need for your expertise, you will be invited to interview with us. Depending on the position, multiple interviews may be required. Prior to the interview, you will be requested to complete an employment application. The information provided on the employment application will be verified if you receive and accept an employment offer. Additionally, due to the nature of our work, you may also be requested to provide three writing samples with you on the day of your interview.

T. White Parker utilizes behavioral-based interviews conducted in a panel format consisting of several interviewers. Panel interviews are one of the most objective interview approaches and provide a balanced assessment of skills, capabilities and interests. During the interview, you will be evaluated on your level of technical acumen as it relates to the position for which you are being considered, writing and presentation skills, T. White Parker cultural alignment, confidence and professionalism.

We look forward to meeting prospective T. White Parker talent and it is important to us to learn more about the person behind the qualifications.

Employment Offer

If selected for a T. White Parker career opportunity, a formal employment offer will be extended both verbally and via email. All employment offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment check, which is requested post your acceptance of the employment offer. Details of your first day and required onboarding paperwork will be clearly communicated and provided in advance.

Start of Your T. White Parker Career

Welcome to the T. White Parker family. We are excited to have you join and look forward to your making an impactful difference from day one. Your first day will consist of a thorough orientation to get you acclimated to our firm, your new position and to meet the rest of the T. White Parker family.